2018 CRC Season Close-Out and New 2019 Launch Schedule

The Cambridge Rocket Club has completed it’s 2018 launch programme and can be summarized as follows:

  • We hosted a total of nine (9) launches hindered by the temporary loss of the LS2 Paisley launch site.
  • We managed to launch a total of 438 model rockets and burn a total of 504 model rocket engines.
  • The total impulse of engines burned equals 17,768 Newtons of 86.8% of a “N” engine.

Not bad for a small club located in Southern Ontario.

Next year we should have the full use of the Paisley Launch site. The new grass has germinated and the field should be ready for us in the Spring. The new CRC 2019 launch schedulehas been posted. There are a full thirteen (13) launches scheduled including the return of double launches in May, June, July and August as well as a BBQ and night launch on June 8th.

Please note there are no launches scheduled over the winter due to limited launch site access and diminished interest. It conditions permit a winter launch will be scheduled on short notice.

New themes have been added to the launch schedule including celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing on July 20, 2019. We will encourage as many people to build and fly Saturn V’s on that day. We also have launch days dedicated to altitude, multi-staging and cluster engine launches. We will also host a competition launch on September 14th.

Our first launch of 2019 is scheduled for April 13th so we have plenty of time to build and prepare for another exciting season at the Cambridge Rocket Club.

Cambridge Rocket Club Logo
Cambridge Rocket Club Logo