May 18 2019 Victoria Weekend Launch Report

On Saturday May 18, 2019 the Cambridge Rocket Club hosted it’s fourth launch of the season. The launch was once again held at our secondary launch site, LS5 – Mohawk Road in Cambridge as our primary launch site LS2 Paisley Road in Guelph is still too wet to access. The weather was mild with overcast … Read more

May 4 2019 Spring Launch Report

The Cambridge Rocket Club successfully completed it’s Spring Launch on May 4, 2019, our second launch in as many weeks. We’ve now cleared our backlog and are moving forward with our planned launch schedule. Our launch took place under overcast skies with an estimated 900 foot ceiling. The 12 degree temperatures were accompanied by very … Read more

April 28 2019 Season Opener Launch Report

The Cambridge Rocket Club successfully completed it’s twice postponed “Season Opener” launch on Sunday April 28th at it’s secondary launch site, LS5 located on Mohawk Road in Cambridge. The skies were clear, temperatures around 10 degree Celsius and winds from the north varying between 15 and 25 kph. A total of 18 people were at … Read more

November 11 2018 Launch Report

A Cambridge Rocket Club launch was held on November 11, 2018. The Cambridge Rocket Club hosted it’s first launch in 3 months on November 11, 2018, Remembrance Day. The club has not been able to utilize the Paisley Launch Site since August due to sod reseeding and hopes to return in the Spring of 2019. … Read more

August 11 2018 Launch Report

A Cambridge Rocket Club launch was held on August 11, 2018 under ideal weather conditions. A total of 23 members and guests participated and a total of 12 vehicles arrived on the Paisley Road launch site. A total of 65 model rockets were launched burning 76 model rocket engines ranging from “A” to “G” engines. … Read more

July 28 2018 Launch Report

The Cambridge Rocket Club hosted it’s second launch in July on the 28th of the month under challenging weather conditions which limited the number of participants. The forecast winds did pick up over the morning as expected (over 20 kph) but the brief shower was not anticipated. The cultivated field has been somewhat leveled making … Read more

July 15 2018 Launch Report

On July 15, 2018, the Cambridge Rocket Club completed it’s first of two scheduled launches in July. The event was delayed 24 hours due to forecasted poor weather conditions on July 14th. Launch day weather was hot (32 degrees C), humid, and very light winds less than 10 kph which constantly changed direction. The recently … Read more

June 29 2018 Mini-Launch Report

We completed a successful mini launch at the Paisley Launch Site on June 29, 2018 under hot and humid conditions, a clear blue sky and light winds. A total of 6 CRC members attended flying a total of 32 rockets. We managed to burn 35 engines with a total impulse of 1,921 Newtons. The calm … Read more