July 18 2020 A8-3 Parachute Spot Landing Contest Launch Report

The Cambridge Rocket Club completed its fifth launch of the season on July 18, 2020. The temperatures were in the low 30’s with moderate winds in the morning, gusty in the afternoon. We had a total of 16 club members including two guests participate at the launch. In total we managed to launch fifty (50) model rockets including a five two stage rockets and some scale rockets. We managed to burn fifty five (55) model rocket engines with a rated total impulse of 1,440 Newtons.

The feature of the day was our annual A.8-3 Parachute Spot Landing contest. Each participant was provided with two (2) A.8-3 mode rocket engines so that they could fly their model rocket twice in an attempt to land as close as possible to a predetermined landing spot. The gusty winds made the challenge of landing close to the spot more difficult. Nine members competed with the top three winning $25. gift certificates donated by the Canadian Rocket Store and the overall winner had his CRC membership extended to include 2021. It was a fun event to watch.

Our next launch is on Saturday August 1st and the theme is Scale. Please be sure to come out to fly or watch many replica model rockets hit the skies at out next launch.

No photos this time.

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